More conference attending advice

We’re not the only ones who think it’s good to make the most of your conference attendance. ALA Joblist Direct linked to this article in today’s email newsletter. The article’s heavily boiled-down advice?

  1. Plan
  2. Converse
  3. Don’t work
  4. Follow up

For the Unpacking the “Library” conference, “converse” and “follow up” are key things to be thinking about. It’s nice that this article frames the former as conversation having rather than networking. “Networking” as a term can feel so goal-oriented and personless. As in, “I’m looking to do X so I need to network with person Y.” “Conversing” allows the experience to be more open and exploratory. It’s not about checking job titles off a must-meet list!

The “follow up” advice is crucial for grad students and those entering the field. A new librarian can’t get a foot in a door if he or she isn’t up walking around already. For some of us, we’re not going to have this much time to think and try on new ideas. For those with no extra time for that, building the space for it might be what’s needed to transition smoothly into what’s next.